Battle.One: The New Beginning

This competition starts from February 15th, 2021 and ends on March 30th, 2021


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Why Participate?

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    Good chances to win. Daily prize pool up to $500 for the top-25% traders.

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    Fair Play. We verify each trader signing up on ZUBR, so you compete with real traders only.

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    Lowest 0.01% fees for everyone. Reliable exchange with guaranteed uptime even during volatile trading periods.

How to Win?

  • Daily Individual Prizes

    • Each of the top-25% traders by the best ROE wins the daily prize
    • Each winner gets an even share of the daily prize pool (up to $500)
    • More traders participating mean larger prize pool
  • Weekly Team Prizes

    • Team with the best weekly ROE wins the weekly prize
    • Team’s ROE is calculated as the average ROE of top-5 traders
    • More team members mean higher chances to win


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How to Join

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    Sign up on ZUBR here or use the link provided by a team captain. If you already have an account on ZUBR, drop the team name you want to join to our support via email or Telegram
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    Check your team and set a nickname here (you need to be signed in)
  • 3
    Fund your account with at least $150 in BTC and join the battle!

Competition Rules

  • The competition starts on Feb 15 2021 and ends on March 30 2021.
  • The competition includes daily individual and weekly team contests.
  • The BTCUSD perpetual contract is the only eligible trading pair for the competition. Trading results for other pairs will not be taken into account.
  • Users may enter the competition at any time during the competition period.
  • Users may join weekly contests in teams, a minimum number of traders in the team - one (1) (joining as the 'Captain' by clicking on “Create Your Team” button on the competition page), the maximum number of traders in the team is not limited.
  • ZUBR reserves the right to combine individual traders into a separate team(s) and admit thus combined trading results to the determination of results of the weekly team contest.
  • The minimum balance at the start of the competition shall be the equivalent of $150 in BTC (applied to individual traders only). Users are free to deposit further funds to, and withdraw funds from, the account participating in the competition.
  • In order to determine the winner, traders and teams are ranked by daily and weekly ROE for the respective day or week of the competition.
  • ROE formula is as follows ROE = ((Portfolio NV End - Deposits + Withdrawals - Portfolio NV Start) / Portfolio NV Start) * 100 where Portfolio NV (Portfolio’s Notional Value in BTC) = Wallet Balance + uPnL (unrealized PnL). “End” and “start” refer to the ending and starting time for the respective contest period.
  • Team ROE is calculated as the average ROE of five (5) best traders (or less, if there are less than five (5) traders in the team) in the team ranked by each trader’s individual ROE in descending order.
  • ROE count for the individual contest shall be reset daily. Team contest ROE count shall be reset weekly.
  • Any deposits during the contest day or week are deducted from the Notional Value calculation.
  • Any withdrawals during the contest day or week is added to the Notional Value calculation.
  • All open positions are treated based on the UPNL at the cut-off time.
  • A trader may join the team by signing up to a selected team through the relevant captain's link or requesting to be joined to a selected team through ZUBR support. Traders may not change teams after the competition starts.
  • Awards will be deposited to the winners’ ZUBR accounts without any withdrawal limitations.
  • Awards will be distributed to winners within three (3) days after the winner has been determined for the respective contest.
  • 25% of all traders registered in the competition with the highest ROE get an equal share of the daily prize pool.
  • The weekly team prize pool shall be distributed as follows: the Captain and the members of the winning team get the prize: 20% Captain, 20% TOP1 trader, 14% TOP2 trader, 11% for the TOP-3 trader, 35% are evenly distributed between the remaining team members.
  • Daily individual contest prize pool size increases with the number of traders signed up for the competition.
  • Weekly team contest prize pool increases with the number of teams signed up for the competition.
  • ZUBR shall not be responsible for withholding, deduction, gross-up or payment of any taxes arising out of, imposed or assessed on, the prizes received by the winners.
  • ZUBR's terms of service shall continue to apply without changes to all users participating in the competition.
  • ZUBR will immediately deprive competitors of the right to participate in the competition in the event of any violation of, or misrepresentation under ZUBR terms of service.
  • Specifically, any competitor's behaviour that ZUBR considers to indicate a fraudulent transaction or abusive trading activity may lead to disqualification from the competition and the right to prizes in addition to further actions prescribed under ZUBR terms of services.
  • ZUBR reserves the right to finally interpret this competition. All ZUBR determinations made concerning this competition shall be final and shall not need any substantiations and shall not be subject to any reclamations or disputes.

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